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Ideas and proven ways of how to amplify your faith and bring the spirit of Christ into the message when you speak.

  • Listen first – speak second
    • Honor someone by listening instead of thinking of what you are next going to say – blank slate listening – be totally present and in the now
  • Build your faith into the closing of your correspondence
    • Complimentary Closing: In Servant Leadership
    • Signature Block: Tell the truth quicker faster (personal mission statement)
  • Use faith flags (spirit connections) in your conversation / message – a simple expression of the reality of your faith in a given moment
    • Your are the answer to my prayers
    • God has truly gifted you
    • May I pray with you?
  • Credit your speaking gift to God – keep giving God the credit
    • I give the glory to God, Thank you God, It's all about Him, God has blessed me
  • Use common courtesies – have an awareness of your outward acknowledgments and respect to all
    • Please, Thank You, look people in the eye, smile
  • Use words of faith in the marketplace
    • God bless you, Praise God, Have a Blessed Day

Speaker, begin asking yourself these questions 24 / 7:

  • What am I doing to amplify my faith in uncommon places?
    • in the marketplace
    • in the airport / airplane
    • in the hotel that I stay in
    • with the waiters in the restaurant
    • in the taxis I ride in
  • What tools or ways of speaking are you using so that audiences know where you're coming from? In today's secular world with it's many compliance issues, let's form a community and start sharing these things and give each other some tools to work with. It's not as hard as you think!

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Juanell Teague,, is a message development consultant and positioning expert for leaders who want to be a successful professional speaker. Juanell is the founder of the Mentor/Mentee program in the National Speakers Association.