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Amplify your faith 24/7 by intentionally connecting with individuals that God puts in your personal path by His spirit being felt in your presence 24/7.

  • Intentionally Praying for Every Encounter You're Having On a Daily Basis
  • Staying Outwardly Focused On Others That God Puts In Your Path
  • Not Pre-Judging Opportunities God Puts In Your Path
  • Not Be Afraid of The Opportunities God Puts In Your Path

My career began in 1979, when reading the book "See You at The Top" by Zig Ziglar. I was so impacted I picked up the phone, bought six tickets, packed my station-wagon with five friends and drove to Dallas from Lubbock to hear him. That decision and that trip changed my life forever!

This was my first experience with what I now know to call "Secular Pulpit." I said, "Mr. Ziglar, I never knew a man thought this way." He said, "Mrs. Teague, a man doesn't think this way, this is God's way of thinking."

This would lead to James Teague, my husband, and I starting a company called People Plus, and working with Zig and other celebrity speakers in putting together some 200 events in 43 cities, reaching 250,000 for the next 10 years of my life.

One day I looked up and said, "God, this isn't the answer either. I have gone from being "Susie homemaker," to becoming a 100% career-woman and I don't like it. There has to be a better balance than this somewhere in the middle." That was the year we packed our bags, moved to Dallas, Texas, and I became a consultant to the speaking industry.

As I frequently say, "If I could have gone to Heaven and hand-picked my job, I couldn't come close to where God has led me." Our journey led to an incredible church home, spiritual growth and maturity, a husband who became a spiritual giant and an elder in our church.

While attending a retreat on a prayer walk, I had a vision of a huge prism cross with pink foam around it, hanging in the pine trees, and I knew from this vision God was calling me to the next level although I didn't have a clue of what that would be. It would be three years before clarity would come that would lead me to two words that God would give me to describe it – Secular Pulpit. He made clear that I was to help people design and package a way to amplify their faith in the marketplace, much like Zig Ziglar's.

And then it got bigger. James was asked by Donna Skell, Executive Director of the Roaring Lambs organization, to teach Grace in the Workplace as a ministry of Roaring Lambs. It was the unpredictable outcome of the group that came together, who came from all walks of life, amplifying their faith on a 24/7 level. The decision from that group was made to have field trips and to go out into the Dallas community on a regular basis to amplify our faith and then to meet afterwards to share. It became the strong accountability piece.

That's when we realized that the Secular Pulpit was to become the Secular Pulpit 24/7. It would be Grace in the Grocery Store, Grace in Traffic, Grace in Restaurants, Grace in the Parking Lot. It has now become a personal 24/7 experience for believers in Christ. We were all amazed at the spiritual contacts we would make in the secular world at the mall, in restaurants, with school bus drivers as we continued to reach out and touch the individuals God put in our paths on our field trips to places in our every day lives. It's a matter of taking the blinders off and seeing what God is putting in front of us 24/7.

For speakers, this is what it would look like: it would be Grace in the Airport, it would be amplifying your faith in the taxi, at the hotel, with waiters and meeting planners. It would be sharing your stories and experiences with others. It's not just when you speak that your message is embedded with Christ. How is His spirit being felt in your presence 24/7?